Tuuli in brief and goals in English

A few people have approached me and asked for any election material in English. My website is unfortunately a bit dated and doesn’t allow additional sections, so here’s a brief recap on who I am and stand for.

Tuuli Kousa

  • 34 year old City Councillor and member of Helsinki City Board
  • Special Adviser to Pekka Haavisto, Minister for Ownership steering
  • On a leave of absence from Miltton, Finland’s leading communications agency, where I work as Director
  • Former work experience from Sanoma Group, Neste Oil and Gummerus Publishers
  • Graduate of the London School of Economics (LSE) and University of Helsinki, LL.B. and LL.M.
  • Full time president of the LSE Students’ Union 2002–2003
  • Lives in Töölö, Helsinki, with husband and two sons
  • Former homes in Kotka, Kouvola, London, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Burlington, IA.
  • Hobbies and interests: swimming, pilates, books, food, travelling, fine arts and trekking in the Alps

Goals and themes

  • Creative, competitive and fair Europe
  • Yes-we-can attitude as well as support for entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Open to international workforce, appreciative of heterogeneous expertise and know-how
  • Stop further climate change by taking environmental effects into consideration in all decision making and setting ambitious emission reduction targets
  • Turn this into a competitive advantage as creates new markets and business opportunities in energy efficiency,  renewable energy  etc.
  • Nearly half of the EU budget goes to agriculture and rural development: environmental and ethical criteria should apply. We deserve better and animals too. More organic food, less additives and preservatives.
  • Support of the Scandinavian welfare model

More in Finnish on my website: www.tuulikousa.fi

And on LinkedIn here .


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